Shawson Plastics  uploads  various special offer videos, as well as informative product videos.

We have recently added some great NEW Product Ranges, including the PolyCans,  QuickServe Containers  and  Slimline Water Tanks with Taps . 

Please see the quick link to these New Product Ranges here: Polycans https://shawsonplastics.co.za/products/water-fuel-and-chemical/polycans/

QuickServe Containers https://shawsonplastics.co.za/products/water-fuel-and-chemical/quickserve/

Slimline Water Tanks https://shawsonplastics.co.za/products/water-fuel-and-chemical/slimline-water-tanks-with-taps/

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*Please note, if the video is currently only informative, then there are no special offers at present.

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